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What Our Clients Say

Hedy C

‘’US & UK EAGLE TAXATION LTD is a client-focused, full-service tax and accounting firm, that has become for me a trusted partner.
As a US citizen residing abroad, what I have most appreciated is their prompt, sensitive, knowledgeable, constant support, and the unfailing willingness to help me where and how I have needed it.
Excellent tax and fiscal knowledge coupled with remarkable interpersonal skills, they have managed to help me relax and feel confident, always responding generously by giving me the time I have needed to address concerns or questions or simply how I can optimize my situation.
What I have most appreciated is the confidence that when I file my returns, I know they are there with me. It has been a game changer for me.
I can only recommend that you meet them and discover how the ease of rapport, the wealth of knowledge and the willingness to serve their clients makes an otherwise overly complex obligation into almost a pleasure.’’


‘’Sigita has been doing my US taxes for the last five years.  As someone that runs her own UK accountancy firm, I am in a position to understand the quality of work that she and her team does, and I can say with hand on heart that it is fantastic!’’

L Hall

‘’Sigita and her team have been very professional and efficient in dealing with my very complicated tax situation. She is always available to answer my questions and took her time to explain to me things I did not understand about the tax laws in the U.S.A.
I have complete trust in her ability and knowledge to give me the best advice. As a recent divorcee not used to complicated tax issues, Sigita and her team have made my USA and UK tax filing for the past few years a good experience instead of one of dread. I can highly recommend Sigita and her team at US and Eagle Tax.‘’


‘’ The team at US and UK Eagle Taxation are  professional tax consultants. They have a deep understanding and can effortlessly navigate complex US tax laws. They are also experts in UK taxes. If you are an expat US citizen earning a decent salary in Europe – there is a good chance that you could be double taxed to an extreme – unless you engage help from US and UK Eagle Taxation, who helped me to to minimise my exposure to double taxation. I unreservedly recommend them to my expat friends and acquaintances.’’


‘’As an American who has lived in the UK for 18 years and gained British citizenship 12 years ago, and who has no financial ties at all in the US (no salary, work, savings, property etc), I was unsure as to what my responsibilities were for filing taxes in the US. Sigita was very thorough in our first introduction meeting and explained the process to me and also worked through a plan for me to get caught up on everything. Sigita from US and UK Eagle Taxation made the process easy for me to understand what inputs and documentation that I needed to gather and the documentation that Sigita updated for my tax returns and other various input forms was high quality, requiring little review. Although the process was somewhat time-consuming, Sigita helped to minimise the amount of effort that I had to spend on this and she also made the process fairly stress-free. I would definitely use US and UK Eagle Taxation again for my future tax returns, and would highly recommend them to others. ’’

Lisa L

‘’ US and UK Eagle Taxation has been doing my US and UK taxes for many years and services are excellent. Sigita has an extremely strong sense of dedication to the job and is efficient and  effective tax preparer.  She always has time to answer questions or take care of simple matters. She is responsible and never missed a deadline, despite my delay in sending some information, work was completed on time. I would highly recommend US and UK Eagle Taxation.’’