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Sigita Dromantaite

Sigita Dromantaite

Director/ Co-owner


Commonwealth of Massachusetts – Division of Professional Licensure, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
CPA, Certified Public Accountant 

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Accounting – Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Master of Science in Accounting, -Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA



Sigita is a U.S. Certified Public Accountant with nearly 20 years of professional experience and is an expert in U.S. individual domestic and expatriate taxation. She is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). Sigita works with individuals in cross-border tax matters. Her clients include US citizens residing in the UK and UK citizens moving or investing in the US.

Most of the time tax authorities do not offer clear guidance to help you, the taxpayer, understand regulatory requirements, especially when dealing with international tax matters. There are tax implications associated with virtually every business transaction and investment decision. Sigita’s tax expertise will help you achieve your goals and stay informed of what you need to know. She will put your mind at rest because you will know that you are getting the most current, accurate and valuable advice available on the market today.
Sigita also runs an American social networking group.